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Have you registered for Whatsapp Banking yet?

In this time of lockdown due to coronavirus, banks are promoting online banking facilities such as net banking, mobile banking and Whatsapp banking.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps. It is now almost impossible to think a life without Whatsapp. While WhatsApp is mostly used to chat and send pictures and videos, it can also be used to avail basic banking services.

With WhatsApp banking, you can get your bank mini statement, apply for different financial products, check your savings account balance and preapproved loans etc.

Kotak Mahindra Bank, Saraswat Bank, HDFC Bank, IndusInd Bank and now ICICI Bank are some of the banks that offer Whatsapp banking facilities to their customers.

Let us take a look at WhatsApp Banking facility offered by the banks and how you can opt for it and services that they provide.

Kotak Whatsapp Banking

Kotak Whatsapp Banking is available for regular Kotak savings to account customer as well as for Kotak 811 customers. If you are Kotak customer, you can receive bank updates through the Kotak Bank Whatsapp service. Currently, 30 services are available through the WhatsApp platform.  

kotak bank whatsapp banking,

Steps to enrol for Kotak Whatsapp Banking 

  1. Kotak Bank Whatsapp number is 9718566655. You can give a missed call on this number from your registered mobile number. If you are reading this on your mobile, you can click on this link to get started.
  2. Add ‘022 6600 6022’ to your mobile contacts.
  3. Go to WhatsApp and search the bank’s WhatsApp number that you had saved. Send “help” as a message to get the full list of services available on Kotak Whatsapp Banking.
  4. Simply type the number of the service that you want e.g., “1” or “Bank Account”
  5. You will receive a 6-digit OTP to your registered mobile number for verification and follow the steps that you will receive as a Whatsapp message.

How to opt-out

You easily opt-out from the facility by messaging ‘Stop’ to the same number.

List of Services available

  1. Account balance
  2. Last 3 transactions
  3. Statement Request
  4. Cheque Status
  5. Know your Customer Relationship Number (CRN)
  6. New Cheque Book Request
  7. Nearest ATM
  8. Nearest Branch
  9. Credit card application status
  10. List of services
  11. PAN Updation
  12. Aadhaar Number Updation
  13. Mobile Number Updation
  14. Email ID Updation
  15. Activation / Deactivation of Passbook
  16. FATCA Declaration (Compulsory for bank account opening)
  17. NACH Cancellation to cancel auto debit from your bank account
  18. Modification of Home Branch
  19. Deregistration of Printed Statement
  20. Account Upgradation
  21. Set MPIN for 811
  22. Complete 811 Full KYC
  23. Fund 811 Account
  24. Amount Due
  25. Available Credit balance
  26. Generate / Reset PIN
  27. Credit card Offers
  28. Report a Lost or stolen card
  29. Apply for credit card
  30. Pay Credit card bills

HDFC WhatsApp Banking

While WhatsApp Banking feature is mostly offered to bank customers, HDFC Whatsapp Banking is also available for non-HDFC bank customers. 

hdfc bank whatsapp banking

Steps to enrol for HDFC Whatsapp Banking:

  1. Give a missed call or sending SMS SUB to HDFC Whatsapp number70659 70659 from the registered mobile number. Click here if you are using your mobile phone to get started.
  2. Save the number on your contact list.
  3. Open the contact’s chat window and type ‘Hi’.
  4. After you receive the welcome message from the bank, you can type query.

How to opt-out from HDFC Whatsapp Banking

To opt-out, SMS UNSUB from your bank registered mobile number to 70659 70659.

ICICI Bank Whatsapp Banking

ICICI Bank has recently launched Whatsapp Banking for their savings account customers.

Customers who have ICICI Bank credit card can use the facility to ‘Block/Unblock’ their card. Non-ICICI Bank customers can also use this instant service to know about offers, location of the nearest Bank’s branches / ATMs.

It is also available in the Hindi language on 9324953010.

Steps to enrol for ICICI Bank Whatsapp Banking

  1. Save ICICI Bank Whatsapp number 9324953001 in your contact list.
  2. Open the chat window of the saved number
  3. Send ‘Hi’. You will get a list of services that you can avail.  
  4. Type the keyword of the service required. E.g., type ‘offers’ to know about offers around you.

How to opt-out from ICICI Bank Whatsapp Banking

Send ‘Stop’ to discontinue ICICI Bank Whatsapp.

List of services offered by ICICI Bank

  1. Account balance
  2. Last 3 transactions
  3. Credit Card Limit
  4. Block /Unblock my card:
  5. Get instant loans
  6. Offers
  7. Track deliverables
  8. ICICI Bank ATMs near me – Top 3
  9. Branches near me – Top 3

IndusInd Bank Whatsapp Banking

While other bank customers can opt for Whatsapp Banking by giving a missed call or sending text messages, IndusInd Bank customers need to register for Whatsapp Banking on the bank’s website. By registering IndusInd Bank’s Whatsapp service, you will also receive banking/non-banking alerts on your WhatsApp.

indusind bank whatsapp

Steps to register for Indusind Bank Whatsapp Banking

  1. Visit the bank’s website or click here to register for Whatsapp Banking.
  2. To register, you have to select the product (savings account, customer vehicle loan) to register and enter your registered mobile number, PAN or your date of birth.
  3. Tick on the terms and conditions and click on Submit.

Services available

  • Check Account Balance
  • View reward points
  • Check last three transactions
  • Update Aadhaar information
  • Get important alerts

How to opt-out 

You can unsubscribe by sending a message with ‘unsubscribe’ keyword post which any messages will not be sent.

Saraswat Bank Whatsapp Banking

Saraswat Bank has introduced Whatsapp Banking for its customers. Currently, 15 services are available on the platform.

Steps to avail Whatsapp banking :

  1. Give a missed call on 9029059271 to register. Click here if you are on your phone.
  2. Save the number
  3. You can type special catchwords such as ‘Bal’ for Balance Enquiry and  ‘Txn’ for Last 5 Transactions etc.

List of Services Available

  1. Balance Enquiry
  2. Last 5 Transactions
  3. Mobile Banking Registration
  4. Know Your Customer Number
  5. Register Your Email Id
  6. Download GoMo Mobile Banking App
  7. Download M-Passbook App
  8. Download Credit Card App
  9. Loan Products Information
  10. Rate of Interest for Loans & deposits
  11. Apply for Savings Account
  12. Apply for Retail Loans
  13. Service Charges
  14. ATM/ Branch Locator
  15. Account Statement

How to opt-out

You can type ‘Stop’ to unsubscribe Saraswat Bank’s WhatsApp services.


In this current scenario, it is best to stay indoors. Whatsapp banking has made it easier to carry out banking services. If your bank offers Whatsapp Banking, you can avail the facility and know your bank balance, last three transactions etc. from your Whatsapp app.

However, beware of fraudsters claiming to be bank representatives. Never share your account details and OTP over Whatsapp etc.

Stay Safe!  


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