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Seven Reason Why Kotak 811 Account Should Be Your Go to Savings Account

A savings account is undoubtedly one of the first things you open as soon as the salary starts coming in. With so many banks to choose from, finding the right bank for you can be an arduous task. The good part is that maintaining your savings account is a lot easier today that it was a few years ago. This shift can be attributed to online banking.

Online banking has come about as a result of the evolution of technology. The banking sector has transformed from the traditional operations to a fast-paced one with technological advancements. The sheer convenience and ease of accessibility are driving the banking industry to develop a full-fledged online banking system. All the banking operations that traditional banking provide are streamlined to their online presence as well. You can get all your work done right where you are without depending on anyone else. The online banking revolution also increased the presence of ATMs in making life a lot simpler. You get to withdraw money from your account without visiting a bank and even transfer money to another account through online banking. Along with these advantages, there are several more when it comes to online banking.

Online banking is not just about depositing and withdrawing money anymore. There is a lot more that can be done using online banking. Kotak 811 is one of the bank account that are at the centre of this revolution. They have simplified online banking system for customers. A Kotak 811 account is disrupting the banking sector that we know of by bringing in new age services.

Intrigued to find what sets it apart from traditional banking?

Here are a few reasons you should opt for a Kotak 811 account over a regular account.

1. Easy Enrollment

While traditional banking demands that you visit the bank in person with the required documents and open a savings account, it’s a lot easier when it comes to Kotak 811. You can open an 811 account by downloading the Kotak Mobile Banking App. You can then set up an account by registering with basic details like PAN, Aadhaar and other information. Just set a pin and instantly start using the account!

2. Zero Minimum Balance

Most traditional banks impose a minimum balance that you need to maintain if you want to avoid paying any fines. This can be discouraging if you end up paying a fine or two. With Kotak 811, you have the advantage of a zero-minimum balance. Maintaining your bank balance will be the least of your worries when you open a Kotak 811 account.

3.Digital Payments

Payments become an individual’s task when traditional banking is where you have your savings account. All your bills will need to be manually paid every month. This is a task that you could do without if you are using the 811 Account. You can make all your payments with the click of a button on the Kotak 811 app. Digital payments will save you all the time and minimise your efforts as well.


We are moving towards a cashless economy where most of the payments happen online. In this scenario, an ATM is what saves the day. If you think carrying around cash is too much of a hassle, you need not worry any longer. Kotak’s virtual debit card can be activated in no time and used in less than ten days of applying for it.

5.Interest Rates

The savings account interest is one of the major concerns when you are opening an account. In a traditional bank, the current interest rates for a savings account is very low. With the 811 account, you can get an interest of up to 6% per annum. The interest rates you gain with an 811 account are far more impressive.


ActivMoney is a facility that can fetch you interest rates that are a lot higher than a savings account. The idle funds in your savings account are transferred to a term deposit. When required, the same funds are moved back into the savings account.

The interest rates are a lot higher if you go for ActivMoney. If you go for this facility, you have to sit back and relax as Kotak 811 takes care of transferring the money to a term deposit. You will also not have to track or monitor the transfers. If the funds in your savings account go below a certain predefined level, the money flows back into the account from the term deposit.


Most people take extra precaution to secure their hard earned money. This is one of the reasons traditional accounts are preferred over online banking. But when it comes to Kotak 811, there are a lot of steps taken to ensure your transactions are safe and secure. The Kotak Mahindra Banking app has two-factor authentication. There are two types of credentials required to minimise the security breaches. Even while downloading the app, you will receive an authentication code to your mobile number without which you can’t activate your app.

The mobile baking platform an 811 account uses a secure HTTPS protocol to communicate between the server and the mobile client. This additional safety makes the Kotak mobile banking app highly reliable.


The benefits of owning an account such as the Kotak 811 certainly outweigh the perks of a traditional account. The basic requirement of opening a Kotak 811 account is to be more than 18 years of age. You will also need to be a resident of India with an address proof to apply for an 811 account. When it comes to savings account vs Kotak 811, the latter is the option that is more feasible. Why should you have to do all your banking within the time frame of 9 to 5 when you can do all your banking with Kotak 811, 24/7?

You have all the benefits with digital payments, higher interest rates, zero minimum balance among many others with Kotak 811. Signing up for it barely takes up any time and doing your banking will take far lesser time than with traditional banking. With obvious advantages to opening your savings account with Kotak 811, there is no reason you shouldn’t leap forward.

Click here to open a Kotak 811 Account.



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