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Go Paperless with Kotak 811- India’s First Real-time Downloadable Account

Today, technology has made banking possible anytime, anywhere with the advent of internet banking. Our lives are simplistic, and transactions can be carried out daily at home be it online transfers, shopping, checking our account balance, and paying bills with maximum security and ease. The banking industry has shifted gears to enter the era of cloud and a mobile-first approach when it comes to how they serve their customers. Kotak has re-imagined the customer experience with the Kotak 811 marking a significant change in digital banking.

What is Kotak 811?

As consumers are evolving to be more conscious and aware today, Kotak Mahindra Bank’s Kotak 811 is transforming India’s internet banking model. It is a game-changer in the Indian industry as it is the first ever digital account that one can download and activate instantly!

It is a zero-balance account which is easy to set-up right on your mobile and is available both on Android and iOS. Opening an app-based bank account has never been this easy –  as all you need is your government issued ID (Aadhaar, PAN card) the details of which gets verified at the click of a button.

Benefits of Kotak 811

With customer experience being a top priority, Kotak 811 benefits include exclusive and rich experiences which can become operational upon instant download.

Here are the top benefits of Kotak 811

  • 6% Interest p.a: Imagine being able to make money by instantly opening a bank account. Sounds like a sweet deal? With the Kotak 811, you can not only open the account hassle-free, but you can also even make money! Earn up to 6% interest every year with the downloadable saving app.
  • Zero Balance Account- Unlike other savings accounts in banks, Kotak 811 is a zero balance account; i.e. you don’t need to commit to a minimum balance to keep the account active; which gives you the flexibility to spend your money freely. So, plan for your next big buy or holiday with no restraints.
  • Instant account opening- An instant savings account is only a few minutes away with Kotak 811. You can open the account with zero paperwork and bank visits with these simple steps
    1. Download the app on Play/ Google Store
    2. Enter Name and Details
  • Pan and Aadhaar Verification
  1. Personal Details
  2. Pin Set Up
  3. Confirmation
  • App-based Account- India has over one billion mobile phone connections, and smartphone usage is on the rise every day. India’s first downloadable account, Kotak 811 is born on mobile, making it a one of a kind app which you can access anytime, anywhere across any device simplifying your user experience altogether. This feature eliminates chequebooks, paper-based account statements and bills, thereby, addressing your banking needs with a single touch.
  • Virtual Debit card- There is incredible emphasis today on doing things that are beneficial to the environment. One of them is limited use of plastic. Kotak takes a step towards an eco-friendlier society with their 811 account which comes with a virtual debit card. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, this one is a great option since you can say no to plastic. What more, you never have to worry about lost or damaged card and fraudulent transactions.
  • Scan and Pay- Invisible payments such as ‘scan and pay’ are empowering consumers and harnessing the power of digital banking. Imagine walking into a store, restaurant or a movie theater and all you have to do is scan a QR code to complete your transaction on your purchase, saving time and effort. You can say goodbye to long queues, swiping and receipts as soon as you download the 811 app.
  • Travel. Entertainment- The app has expanded the horizon for its customers by bringing together various merchants under one marquee product creating countless opportunities to make everlasting memories. Kotak 811 offers assure cashbacks on m-store. Shop till you drop on Flipkart & ShopClues, book your next getaway through air, bus tickets on Goibibo, train tickets on IRCTC. The app is for everyone as you can book movie tickets and get discounts on PVR.  If you are a bookworm, you even get to enjoy 80% discount or up to 200/- off on Kindle e-books. Earn vouchers and points on BookMyShow and other websites with the Kotak 811 referral code!


Our country is seeing a transformation when it comes to digital banking, and Kotak 811 is at the forefront of it. With the Kotak 811, your ability to take financial decisions with ease gets multiplied due to its various advantages. Do everything from buying groceries, paying bills, transferring funds all from the comfort of your couch or office through a single app. It’s time to feel empowered by downloading the Kotak app and start using Kotak 811.

Click here to open a Kotak 811 Account.


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