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Finished graduation? Know which sector of job will suit you better

Ever wondered which is a better sector to work in, government or private? Read this article to know whether you are better poised for a government or a private sector job.

After graduation, securing a job is on most people’s minds. Fresh graduates are often not aware of what kind of job would suit them. Family and relatives give their two cents on what is right according to them.   

You might have heard stories from your grandparents or your parents about how it was their dream to secure a government job. At the same time, you might have heard stories about the benefits of a private sector job from an uncle who is settled abroad. What people want and where they thrive, differs based on their personalities and likes and dislikes. Let’s see what factors affect their decision making by analysing the two below.

Salary and Benefits

With the introduction of the 7th Pay Commission, the salaries of government employees have risen. But still the pay hikes at government jobs are promotion based, and promotions are age based. So there’s no real scope for fast-track pay rise or growth.

Private sector jobs on the other, conduct performance-based appraisals routinely, and offer increments based on performance. Although in government jobs, there are innumerable perks and benefits that an employee can avail. These perks range from leave allowance to multiple tax exemptions.

Growth and Promotion

There is a fixed promotion ladder in government jobs. In private companies too, there is a well-defined organization structure. But these structures differ from company to company, and can be tweaked and changed to suit a company’s requirements.

In the government sector, promotion is given purely on the basis of number years worked. Therefore, if you have more experience you will generally find yourself in a higher position than someone younger to you. In comparison, promotion in private companies is purely merit-based, and given on the basis of qualification and performance.

Job Security

It is reasonable to say, that there is way more job security if you work with the government. The government primarily functions on a welfare basis. For this reason, they don’t believe in the practice of firing and lay-offs.

Private sector companies, on the other hand, work on a profit basis. They are constantly on the lookout for cutting costs. If your performance is not up to the mark, you run the risk of being laid of in a private sector company.

Work Life Balance

The work hours are fixed at a government job. You are required to arrive at a certain time, and you are not required to stay past a certain time as well. This means you can go out and do the things you want, or spend time with your family which helps to maintain a healthy work life balance.

In corporate, it truly depends on the nature of your job. Most companies these days incorporate something called ‘flexi working’- which means as long as you work for a certain number of hours each week, it does not matter when you come and when you go. There is no fixed mandate of maximum working hours at private sector jobs- so you may be asked to wait back if the work is pending or if the situation so demands.

Therefore, in essence, we can’t really say that a job in one sector is better than a job in the other. It really depends on what your priorities in life, and what you seek out of a job. If job security matters a lot to you and you want to be able to spend substantial time with your family, perhaps what you want is a government job. On the other hand, if you’re very ambitious and work-oriented, and are looking to work longer hours as long as it suits your need of better growth and better pay- then you are probably better suited for a job in the private sector.

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