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Financial Tips From Karan Johar's Films

Karan Johar’s movie is more than just drama and entertainment. Here are the financial tips that you can get from his movies.

Raise your hands if you know Karan Johar. We thought so! Karan Johar often referred as KJO is an Indian film director, producer, screenwriter, costume designer, actor and television personality. Johar made his directorial debut with the widely-seen romance Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998),which got him the Filmfare Awards for Best Director and Best Screenplay. His next two films were the dramas Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.(2001) and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006), which were both very successful even in the overseas market. His social drama My Name Is Khan (2010) earned him his second Filmfare Award as the best Director.

KJO is known for his legendary and emotionally involving movies. He can make tears roll down our eyes and make us burst into laughter in an instant. KJO is renowned worldwide for his films but they also offer us more than just entertainment.

On his birthday, let us put our financial glasses on and see what financial lessons can we get from his movies.

My Name Is Khan: ‘Namaaz jagah aur logon se nahi neeyat se padhi jaati hai’

Financial Tips From Karan Johar's Films

Lesson Learnt: The amount of investment does not matter when you start, what matters is the habit to invest regularly.

Through this line, Shah Rukh Khan in the film My Name Is Khan gave an important financial advice on consistency of investment. In the beginning the amount you invest does not matter but it’s merely the habit of staying invested that matters a lot. Once you develop this habit of investing money you are more likely to achieve your long term financial goals.

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani: ‘Tu sahi nahi hai Naina, bas different hai’

Financial Tips From Karan Johar's Films

Lesson Learnt: There is nothing like the right financial portfolio, it depends upon the financial goal one wants to achieve.

In YJHD, Ranbir Kapoor meets Deepika Padukone after few years. They both have different ways of looking at life but it was perfect for them. When it comes to financial management, be like Ranbir and Deepika. Choose a portfolio that suits you and that can help you to fulfill your financial goals. Everyone has different financial goals and different investment horizons and hence the investment portfolio will vary from individual to individual. There is nothing like the best financial portfolio, it is just about having the right portfolio.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil:  ‘Asaan hai kya aisi mohabbat karna jiske badle mohabbat na mile’

Financial Tips From Karan Johar's Films

Lesson Learnt:  It’s not easy to take financial risk but higher risks means higher returns. If you can take risk, there is no point in investing in products that fetches low returns.

Compare the average rate of return given by the various investment options. Take a call based on your financial goals, risk profile and investment horizon.

Kesari: ‘Kal tak sab sikhon ki pagdiyan humare hath me hogi’  ‘Chal jhoota’

Financial Tips From Karan Johar's Films

Lesson learnt: Beware of the corrupt financial representatives who inflates the return figures. Read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.

Kesari starring Akshay Kumar depicted a scene where a soldier from the Mughal army falsely claimed to conquer their fort to which Akshay kept his calm and replied ‘Chal Jhoota’. This tells us to be aware of sweet talkers when it comes to investment. These people target the gullible investors who do not have any knowledge about investment and can be easily fooled. Go through all the investment documents and take help of a financial advisor before you investing in lucrative investment options. If it is too good true to be true it is certainly is.

Dear Zindagi: ‘Don’t let the past blackmail your present to ruin a beautiful future’

Lesson learnt: We all make financial mistakes. The best way to go forward will be to leave the mistakes behind and start fresh. Focus on financial goals rather than market noise.

Shah Rukh Khan playing the therapist of Alia Bhatt stated ‘Don’t let the past blackmail your present to ruin a beautiful future’. This offers a financial insight. Profits and losses occur during the course of investment but don’t let your past experiences affect your future investments. For example, if you have suffered huge losses in mutual funds that should not mean that you would stop investing in mutual funds. Tag your investments with your goals and invest according to your risk profile and investment horizon. If you do this, you can be sure that the bad chapter in your life will not be repeated.

These 5 movie dialogues make important points about how to plan your investment, strengthen your financial position and help you to invest carefully. Use all the lessons mentioned above and be a wise investor.

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