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Everything you need to know about UAN

With UAN, you don’t have to get a new number every time you join a new office.


Numbers! This one word is enough to strike fear in the minds of many individuals and not just students. Figures surround our lives. One such significant digit is the Universal Account Number or the UAN.    

UAN is a 12-digit identification number, which is assigned to both you and your employer, which lets you contribute to the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). This number is issued by Ministry of Labour and Employment and is given by the EPFO on behalf of the government.

If you’re a salaried individual, then you must be aware of what EPF or PF is. If you are working in an organised sector, a portion of a salary which is 12% of your basic salary, goes towards the employee provident fund (EPF). EPF is an effective way of saving as a portion of your salary is automatically saved. Cultivating a saving habit may be hard and saving through EPF will make sure that a part of your income is saved for your future even if you haven’t started investing in mutual funds.   

The purpose of EPF is to fund your retirement goals.  Retirement is a long term financial goal. Also, to make sure that there are no hassles while transferring your EPF money, you can easily link your EPF account to your savings bank account. A good savings account is essential to take care of your day to day expenses.

Although your retirement may be many years into the future, you may want to know your PF balance or withdraw from the account in times of emergencies.

A single point of access for anything related to your EPF is your Universal Account Number(UAN). It was introduced in 2014. This number is a permanent number, and it remains the same throughout one’s employment life. This means that it does not change when an employee changes his or her job.

Benefits of UAN

  • The UAN number is your unique identification number and is not dependent on your employers.
  • As an employee, you can withdraw or transfer your money deposited with EPFO anytime.
  •  Both you and your employer can manage your PF account record
  • If you want to withdraw from your EPF, your employer will be easily able to approve your withdrawal requests or transfer the amount to your bank account.
  • With UAN, you will be able to check the contributions and details when you were associated with the current and previous employers. 
  • You can easily check your PF balance through various apps or the UAN portal.
  •  You can track your PF account to check whether your employer is crediting your PF account every month.

How is UAN Number generated?

The UAN is generated when you enter the workforce. To create the UAN number, your employer may ask for a few necessary documents such as your PAN card etc. Once this number is generated, it is permanent and remains the same throughout your work life.

How to activate UAN?

If you don’t know your UAN number, you can easily find it in your payslip. If not, you can ask your employer for the same.  Once you activate your UAN number, you can avail the different benefits that EPF has to offer such as making withdrawals and checking your balance.

Here are the steps that you need to take to activate the UAN number:

  • Visit the UAN website and select the ‘Activate UAN’ option under the Important Links section.
  • Once you are on the activation page, use your UAN and fill the mandatory details such as your phone number, date of birth.
  • After that, a verification PIN will be sent to the phone number that you have given.
  • Put the pin and then click on ‘Authorise and Activate’ to activate your UAN.

Not just the UAN website, EPFO app can help you to activate your UAN. You can also activate it through a regular SMS. You need to message EPFOHO UAN to 7738299899. After that, select the options and reply to it according to the message that you receive.

The UAN will remain with you for your entire life, and it has made life simpler. With the UAN, you can download the EPF card, check your balances and make withdrawals. Now, you don’t have to change the number every time you join a new company.

And after you are retired, the amount accumulated in your EPF will be transferred to your savings account. From your savings account, you can open an fixed deposits to make sure that your money is safe.  


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