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CitiBank Fixed Deposit

Here is the current FD interest rates offered by Citi Bank

FD interest rates by Citi Bank Aug 2019  
Tenure Interest Rate
7 – 10 Days 3.00%
11 – 14 Days 3.00%
15-25 Days 3.25%
26-35 Days 3.50%
36-45 Days 4.50%
46-60 Days 4.75%
61-90 Days 4.75%
91-120 Days 5.50%
121-150 Days 5.50%
151-180 Days 5.50%
181-270 Days 5.50%
271-364 Days 5.50%
365-400 Days 5.50%
401-540 Days 5.50%
401-540 Days 5.50%
541-731 Days 6.00%
732 – 1095 Days 6.00%
>=1096 Days 6.00%

Citibank FD Interest Rates August 2019

CitiBank has multiple FD options to its customers to park their surplus funds. The amount is to be deposited at the time of account opening. The investors would not be allowed to add money to the existing principle or to withdraw a part of principle during the pre-decided tenure. Fixed Deposits of Citibank carry a higher interest rate than their saving deposits.

FD rates of CitiBank

Interest rates vary from 3.00% p.a to 6% p.a for deposits with tenure between 7 days to 1096 days. Following the cut in the repo rate by the Reserve Bank of India, Citi Bank has also cut their FD rates. Earlier, Citi Bank used to offer the highest interest rate of 6.50% for deposits maturing between 732 days to 1095 days. Currently, the best interest rate on Citi Bank FD is 6% for FDs between  541 days to 1096 days.

Types of Citibank FDs

•Fixed/Short Term Deposit– A standard FD scheme offered by Citi bank wherein customers are paid fixed interest amounts at regular intervals.

•Quarterly/Monthly Term Deposit– In this scheme, customers can choose to receive interest payments at monthly or quarterly intervals

Who can open Citi Bank FD account?

  • Individuals
  • Joint accounts for 2 or more individuals
  • Partnership firms
  • Trusts
  • Minors
  • Blind persons
  • Illiterate persons
  • Joint Hindu families
  • Limited companies and partnership firms
  • Municipalities and panchayats
  • Charitable, religious, and educational institutions
  • Associations, societies, clubs etc.
  • Sole proprietary concerns

Documents needed to open a Citi Bank FD

Identification and address proof

2 Photographs

Benefits of Citibank FD

It provides assured returns of up to 6%

You can start saving with as little as Rs.1,000

Your FD is automatically linked to the Citibank Savings or Current Account. As a result, customers get the benefit of a Higher Net Relationship Value (NAV).

Here are some of the benefits of higher NAV:

  • Lower rates and quicker processing of loans
  • Special promotional offers from time to time
  • Higher credit and withdrawal limits on Cards
  • Dedicated relationship manager

CitiBank’s FD options offer a great range of variety in terms of interest rates and deposit periods. Book an FD through your mobile app and grow your wealth.


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