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Can't Visit Bank Branch? Do Mobile Banking

With the increase in the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19, health organisations have urged people to stay indoors to contain the risk of spreading the virus. During this time, you may have to carry out important baking transactions. However, you have nothing to worry about. Mobile banking apps can help to take care of your transactions. If you still rely on visiting your bank branch, it is time to install your mobile banking app.

What is Mobile Banking?

With the increase in the penetration of smartphones and the internet, it is now possible for bank customers to carry out banking transactions from anywhere. Mobile Banking is banking through a smartphone or a tablet. Banks have developed mobile banking apps to make the banking experience seamless. To avail the facilities of a mobile banking app, you need to download your bank’s mobile banking app and log in with your credentials.

Mobile banking apps offer a host of services to their customers including an account balance enquiry, request for a service, pay bills, transfer funds to other accounts, open a recurring account (RD) or Fixed Deposit (FD) etc.

One of the important features of mobile banking is that it is available 24*7. Whether it is a lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus or a rainy day, you can get your banking requirements met through the mobile banking app.

Why you should look at Mobile Banking?

It is extremely convenient

Mobile banking is convenient as you can carry out banking transactions from any part of the world, whether it is from the comfort of your home or while you are commuting. Also, there are no specific working hours while using a mobile banking app. You can access it as per your convenience, be it early morning or late nights. With a mobile banking app, you no longer have to run to the nearest bank branch to carry out any transaction. All you will need is a stable internet connection.

Secure mobile banking app

If you are having second thoughts about the security features of mobile banking applications, bank apps are safe to use as it requires multi-level authentication. Customers need to key in their log-in credentials and add the one-time password before carrying out any transaction.

You may also keep other biometric identification patterns to secure your mobile banking app.

Avail different banking facilities

Whether you want to transfer funds to a friend or a relative or pay your utility bills such as electricity bills, gas bills, you can do that easily through your mobile banking app.

With an online banking app, you can avail different banking facilities such as opening a recurring deposit (RD), fixed deposit (FD) or invest in mutual funds. Mobile banking apps have made it easier to apply for credit cards and loans.

Track your finances

Mobile banking app helps you to be on the top of your finances. You can check and track where you have spent your money. If you want to curb your spending on luxury items and save more money, mobile banking apps can be useful. You can check your account balance before making any purchase.

Paperless way

You can carry out the different banking transactions through the app in a paperless way. Mobile banking is good for the environment as paper is not required for any banking operation.

Things to remember to make mobile banking secure

  • Don’t click links received from suspicious email addresses. Most of these emails come with attractive headlines.
  • Don’t provide your personal information such as mobile banking password or one-time password to anyone. Banks never ask for details over the phone.
  • Free Wifi is attractive. But, don’t carry out banking transactions through unsecured wifi available in coffee shops and airports.


In times like this, you shouldn’t step out of your house. If you have to carry out a banking transaction, instead of going to the bank branch, you can do so from your mobile banking app within a few minutes.

Trusted and secured mobile banking app, like Kotak 811 Mobile Banking app gives the flexibility to instantly meet all your banking needs without stepping out of your house.

Stay safe!


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