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Apply and Open Canara Bank Savings Account Online

How to open Canara Bank savings account online

Canara Bank savings account can be applied and opened instantly online from the bank’s website or by downloading the Canara DiYA app. Canara DiYA is a platform introduced by Canara Bank for online account opening. The full form of DiYA is Digitally Your Account.

Features of Canara Bank DiYA

Online account opening: Canara DiYA provides a platform for individuals to open savings account online from anywhere in 5 minutes. The account opening process is completely paperless and you don’t have to visit the bank branch to open savings account.

Instant account opening process: The account is opened instantly. Individuals can open the account by adding their Aadhaar number and verifying their Aadhaar details through the OTP received on their mobile number. The account opened is an eKYC account and customers can start banking instantly. The PAN is also verified which allows for a smoother online account opening journey.

Minimum average balance: As the savings account opened through DiYA is a regular savings account, the account created online has a minimum average balance. The minimum average balance requirement of the account is Rs.1000 for urban customers and Rs.500 for customers residing in semi-urban and rural areas.    

 Facilities: Facilities such net banking, mobile banking, debit card, cheque book facilities are some of the facilities available to Canara Bank customers. You can see a list of the features during the account opening journey.      

Select Bank Branch: Individuals opening the bank account online can select the bank branch of their choice. 

Open without PAN card: You can open Canara Bank account online without PAN card. This makes it easier for people who don’t have PAN to open a bank account online. Without PAN, customers won’t be able to transact beyond Rs.50,000. Also, after the online account opening process is complete, customers need to visit the nearest bank branch to submit Form 60. 

Limit on transaction and spends: As the account opened is an e-KYC account, there are certain restrictions on limits and transactions. Account holders cannot keep more than Rs.1 lakh in their account and do credit transactions of more than Rs.2 lakh in a financial year.

Documents required to open Canara Bank account online

Aadhaar card and PAN card are required to open Canara Bank account online. Individuals who don’t have PAN card can also open their bank account online. 

How to open Canara Bank savings account online?

Interested people can open a Canara Bank savings account online by downloading the DiYA app or through web browser. In both the ways, you have to fill an online account opening form.  

canara bank online account opening

Step 1: Download the Canara Diya app or click here to start the online account opening process through web browser.

Step 2: If you are opening Canara Bank account for the first time, click on ‘I think I’m seeing you for the 1st time’.

Step 3: Enter your Aadhaar number, agree the terms and conditions and tap on ‘Verify’ to proceed.

After this, you have to give your accept certain terms and conditions including FATCA declaration. If you are an Indian resident citizen, click on ‘I agree’. Add the OTP that you have received on your registered mobile number.

Step 4:  Your basic details including your name, Aadhaar address will be fetched from Aadhaar database.  

Step 5: If your communication address is different from Aadhaar address, you can add your communication address.

Step 6: As mentioned earlier, customers without PAN card can open Canara Bank savings account online. In this step, you need to select if you want to proceed with your PAN card or without your PAN card. If you don’t have PAN card, click on ‘I don’t have PAN’ and if you have PAN, click on ‘I have PAN’. People who don’t have PAN should submit their form 60 to the nearest bank branch.   

If you have PAN, enter your PAN and click on verify to continue.

Step 7: In this next step, you can provide your Passport number, voter id number. However, it is not required.  Add your profession and income.

Step 8: Now, you will find the different features of the account listed such as debit card, internet banking etc. Add your father’s name, mother’s name and nominee details. Select your branch, state, search for the nearest bank branch.  

Step 9: Add your mobile number and email id to register with the bank account. Enter the OTP that you have received on your mobile number. Click on ‘Open Account’. 

Your account is now open and you will receive your account details such as account number and branch on the screen as well as on email, message.

Limitations on the account opened online

  • The account opened online is an e-KYC account and comes with a set of limitations. These limitations are lifted after the full KYC is completed by visiting the bank branch with the KYC documents.    
  • Customers need to complete the full KYC of the account within 12 months. Accounts are closed if the full KYC is not completed.
  • The maximum balance that customers can hold at any point in time in their e-KYC account is Rs.1 lakh.
  • The aggregate of all credits should not exceed Rs.2 Lakhs in a financial year.

FAQs on Canara Bank online account opening 

What is Canara DiYA?

Canara DiYA is a platform to open Canara Bank savings account online. Canara DiYA is available on web browser and app. Opening account online is a simple process and takes just a few minutes.

Can I open Canara Bank savings account online?

Yes, you can open Canara Bank savings online through Canara DiYA and mobile banking app. Just fill up the online account form and you will receive your account number and other details on your mobile number and e-mail id.

What is the minimum balance for Canara Bank savings account?

The minimum balance of Canara Bank savings account for individuals residing in urban areas is Rs.1000 while it is Rs.500 for customers residing in the semi-urban and rural areas.  

What documents do I need to require for Canara Bank account opening?

You need Aadhaar card and PAN card to open Canara account online.

I don’t have PAN card. Can I open a savings account online?

Yes. Canara Bank savings account can be opened online without PAN card.

Is Canara DiYA a zero balance savings account?

Canara DiYA is not a zero balance account and it is a platform to open savings account online. The minimum average balance of the account is as per the regular savings account. The minimum average balance account is Rs.500 and Rs.1000 for individuals residing in rural and urban areas.    

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