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Bandhan Bank Zero Balance Savings Account

BSBDA Savings Account is the Bandhan Bank’s zero balance savings account. It is a basic savings account and is aimed to solve the banking needs of the public and help people to open a savings bank account, thus leading to financial inclusion. It is a no-fuss, no-frill account.

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Features of Bandhan Bank Zero Balance Savings Account

No minimum balance:

It is a zero balance savings account which means that it comes with no minimum average balance. Hence, there is no pressure to keep a certain minimum amount in the account. Hence, basic savings account or zero balance savings account is an ideal saving account for people who don’t want to have the pressure of keeping a certain sum of money in the bank account. Also, this makes it a good saving option for people belonging to the marginal sections of society.

Earn interest

Customers of this bank account will earn interest rate same as regular savings account on their deposits. The interest rate on savings account keeps on changing as per the interest rate movement.

Bank transfer facility

Customers of this account can easily transfer funds through online transfer facilities such as NEFT.


Customers of this account get a free passbook while opening the bank account.

Debit card

The debit card that you get along with Bandhan Bank Zero Balance Savings Account gives you to the facility to withdraw cash from an ATM.

How to apply for Bandhan Bank Zero Balance Savings Account

You can call on the toll-free number 1800 258181
Place an account opening request through the bank’s website
Contact the nearest Bandhan Bank Branch. Click here to know the closest bank branch.

BSBDA- Small Savings Account

It is another Bandhan Bank Zero Balance Savings Account which can be opened with minimal documentation. Through this account, you have 12 months to submit your missing documents which are required to complete the KYC process. The account also comes with free ATM- cum-debit card, free passbook without any maintenance charges.
The balance in this account should not cross Rs.50,000 at any given time. Also, the aggregate of all withdrawals and transfer should not exceed Rs.10,000 in a year.

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About Bandhan Bank

Bandhan Bank with its head office in Kolkata was formed by Bandhan Financial Holdings. It was set up in 2001. It had started its journey as a microfinance lender. It was one of two financial entities to receive the nod to set up a bank. In 2015, it received the final nod to become a bank from the RBI.

Now, Bandhan Bank offers a wide range of services and products to its customers from fixed deposits to loans. While the focus of the bank has been on the eastern part and north-eastern part of the country, it has expanded its reach to the other parts of the country.

Currently, Bandhan Bank has 4,014 touch points pan India which includes 1,000 bank branches, 3.014 doorstep service centres and 481 ATMs. The present customer base of the bank is 1.73 crore.



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