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10 financial lessons from famous Bollywood dialogues.

Bollywood is known for its legendary, iconic, emotionally involving movies. It can make you burst into laughter or make tears roll down within a blink of an eye. Bollywood also tries to offer a window into reality that often goes unnoticed. While Bollywood is known the world over for its sensational story lines and snappy melodies, a few movies can give you profitable knowledge into fund and financial management

Don’t just look for entertainment when it comes to Hindi movies. Here’s the financial advice some of the iconic movies convey:

Deewar:“Aaj mere pass building hai, property hai, bank balance hai… kya hai tumhare paas?” “Mere paas maa hai”

Lesson learnt: Don’t invest in flashy schemes like ‘double your money in 10 days’ but protect your family with term/life insurance.

Amitabh Bachchan was seen with a bling and cash initially in the movie but lost it towards the end. It was noticed that not having a mom was least of his concern due to all the riches he inherited already. Make sure you take a life coverto secure your future once you are not round for them. If they would have bought a life insurance or like a term plan, the poor kid would not have to battle to survive.

Dil chahta hai: “Aaj pooja kal koi dooja”

Lesson learnt: Don’t invest in products you don’t understand. Also, beware of sweet talkers. 

Be like Aamir Khan in the film. When it is about financial management. If he didn’t feel attracted towards a girl, he won’t get into a committed relationship or simply just refuse to be in a relationship at all. Things change when he felt strongly about Preity Zinta, he was ready to make a commitment then. Do likewise, unless you know financial schemes inside out don’t invest. Also don’t get stuck in sweet talks by bank representatives.

Welcome: “Control Uday Control”

Lesson learnt: Don’t be impatient. Wait for the maturity date.

This movie depicted a perfect blend of an impatient and a patient family member. Anil kapoor was fidgety and never kept his nerves calm. He never used to wait for the appropriate timing to execute any order. He had this now or never attitude while his elder brother Nana Patekar was the one who used to calm him down and advice him to wait for the right time to act. Act like Nana be patient and wait for the chicken to hatch. Liquidating a fixed deposit before the due date could impose a penalty on you, invest keeping tenure in mind and read all scheme related documents carefully.

Lagaan: “Dugna lagan jabardasti nahi hai? Bhar sake hai koi?Ee bipda nahi hai Mukhiyaji, ee hai mauka.” 

Lesson learnt: Don’t pay an unnecessary fee which was not agreed upon at the time of contact.

This movie was set up in the British era when Aamir and his fellow villagers were demanded to pay taxes as lagaan to the British government. Aamir had to learn cricket in order to save livelihood of the village. You too should read all scheme related documents before entering into a scheme and don’t feel forced to pay any unnecessary charges imposed onto you.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge:“Bade bade desho mein choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain” 

Lesson learnt: Invest for a long term and don’t panic by ups and downs that happen during the course, it’s all normal.

Be consistent with your investments like Raj is into Simran. Ups and downs would come like Simran getting engaged to kuljeet, these shortcomings might distract you but at the end Raj could marry Simran only because he was persistent with his efforts. Therefore stay invested for long term, wait would be worth the rewards.

These 5 movie dialogues make important points about how to plan your investment, strengthen your financial position, investing carefully. Use all the lessons taught above and achieve every goal you dreamt of!

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