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All you need to know about PayPal

What is PayPal? Read on to find out more about it.

PayPal is an American company that operates a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and more so, serves as electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders. PayPal operates as a payment processor for online vendors, auction sites, and many other commercial users. These facilities do not all come free of cost and PayPal charges a fee, in exchange for benefits that it provides such as one click transactions and password memory. PayPal lets its users check out faster, safer and easier. They are accepted in over 200 markets and have a customer base of around 250 million customers.

Features and Benefits of PayPal

  • Buyer Protection

When shopping with PayPal, if the product does not arrive or is defective or is unsatisfactory or isn’t as described, users have up to 180 days to get a full refund. All that the users must do is file a dispute within the first 180 days to take advantage of this PayPal Buyer Protection feature. In the case of intangible bookings or orders, such as if an event is cancelled, the hotel room that you booked in is double-booked, or the new game that you purchased could not be downloaded, this feature of PayPal has you covered.

  • Fraud Protection

The PayPal team monitors every transaction 24/7 to prevent fraud, email phishing and identity theft.

  • Free Return Shipping

In the event that on purchasing a product with your PayPal account, you change your mind about it, you, as a user of PayPal can send it back and PayPal will cover up to Rs. 500 in return shipping costs. The process is simple. First follow the seller’s instructions to return your purchase and ensure that you’ve kept a copy of your return shipping receipt. Log in to your PayPal account, select the purchase that was returned by you and then click on ‘Request a refund on return shipping’. Submit your form along with the proof of your return of the item within 30 days. Then, within 10 business days, one can expect a refund in their PayPal account for all approved claims.

  • Shopping benefits

A couple of local and international brands now accept PayPal in India such as BookMyShow, Yatra,  MakeMyTrip, Etsy, Fresh Menu, Domino’s, Faasos, Box8 and many more. Users of PayPal can avail of a 50% cashback voucher of up to Rs. 200 on making their first payment transaction through PayPal, which also offers maximum security. In order to avail of and use the cashback, simply sign up for a PayPal accounts and pay at any Indian merchant accepting PayPal to get the cashback. Then log in to your account, go  to Payment methods, then find your voucher under Saved Offers. Then this cashback can be used as a discount the next time you pay at Indian merchants accepting PayPal.

  • One Touch

After signing up for the PayPal account activate One Touch and never have to enter login details again every time you check out with PayPal. Once One Touch is activated by you, you will stay logged in safely and securely on all your devices for up to six months and still be covered by the Buyer Protection mentioned above and the world-class fraud protection previously mentioned. In order to activate One Touch, enter your PayPal log in details. A message prompt will appear post this to show that you have activated One Touch. You are now ready to shop across millions of stores faster and more smoothly.

Registering for a PayPal account

All that is needed to start or rather, open a PayPal account is that you provide your email address and a password in the first step. Next, you provide details with respect to address and contact details. Users must then verify their account ad link their credit or debit cards to their account.

Limitations of PayPal

PayPal in India does not allow users to receive personal payments through PayPal. Now, users have to pay the PayPal transaction fees. Furthermore, PayPal users cannot use the PayPal balance for payment. The payment that one receives through their PayPal account cannot be used for the purchase of any goods and services. In order to pay for goods and services, users have to pay through their debit cards or credit cards. PayPal users in India  can not even pay other PayPal users in India since transfer of payments from one PayPal account to another isn’t possible.

Just like any thing that you come across. PayPal has both benefits and limitations.

Avail of the benefits of PayPal by opening an account today!

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