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All you need to know about ICICI Pockets


ICICI Bank is one of the premier banks in the country. The bank has over 4,450 branches and 14,000 ATMs across the country. With their innovative products and excellent customer service, they have managed to capture millions of customers across the globe. Currently, ICICI Bank is the largest private sector bank. Promoted in the year 1994, this Indian financial institution has launched many well-designed financial products. Recently, they have introduced a creative financial product called Pockets.

What is Pockets?

Pockets is a mobile app launched by ICICI Bank that enables the users to send money to any email ID, phone number, Facebook user, or bank account. This app uses a customer’s Facebook credentials to login and makes banking fun and social. It is designed to offer the convenience of banking on Facebook. For now, Pockets is available only for Apple and Android mobile phones. You don’t have to be an ICICI Bank account holder to download Pockets. This mobile wallet can be downloaded from the Google Play Store by anyone.

Pockets is a digital banking service that uses a virtual Visa card which helps users to transact on any website or mobile application in India. Apart from transferring and requesting for funds, users can also recharge their mobile, book movie tickets, and pay bills using this app. Currently, the app has two products that are functioning, namely the Universal Wallet and Savings Account. ICICI Bank is going to launch other features on this app soon. The app will also have a built-in support chat feature which the customers can use to solve any problems they face.

What can one do with ICICI Pockets?

ICICI pockets offers a host of services to the users of the online wallet app. Users can avail of the following features with the Pockets mobile banking app:

  • The ICIC Pockets App can be downloaded anywhere and then an account can be created instantly at any given point of time. The app is literally in your pocket and can be carried with you wherever you go. You can fund it instantly using any bank debit card or through Internet Banking and then avail of the features of the app.
  • With the Visa powered Pockets wallet, you can shop online at any Indian website or get a Pockets Physical Card to shop at stores. You can also pay at stores directly from your smartphone using the mVisa or Touch&Pay feature on the Pockets App.
  • With Pockets bank e-wallet, you can transfer money not only to bank accounts, mobile number, email id, WhatsApp contacts, Google+ or Facebook ID but even tap and pay your friends. What’s more, you can also request money from friends!
  • A bundle of specially chosen deals from brands you love are available right in this app and users can avail of these offers on using the app to shop online.
  • With chat features built into the app, customer support is just a tap away. You can also call or email them  for assistance.
  • There’s so much more that can be done with Pockets – recharge your mobile balance, book movie tickets, pay bills, gift physical/e-vouchers and split expenses with friends.

Registering for ICICI Pockets

To install Pockets simply follow these steps:

  • Log into your Facebook account and search for ICICI Bank.
  • Choose “Pockets by ICICI Bank” and register.
  • Grant permission to the questions asked.
  • Click on the “Register Now” button  on the main page which will now appear.
  • Once you click on “Register Now”, you will be asked for your debit card number and your ATM PIN.
  • Once you enter your debit card number and your ATM Pin, you will be asked to set your password.
  • Set your 4-digit numeric password.
  • In case of a joint account, you will be asked to enter your internet banking user ID.

Security and Safety

Security is very important when it comes to online banking. ICICI Bank has left no stones unturned when it comes to the safety of their customers. Pockets is a very safe application one can use to carry out their banking activities because all the transactions made via Pockets take place on ICICI Bank’s secured server and not through Facebook. Your account will be registered only after you provide your debit card number and debit card PIN which means no one else can access your Pockets account. ICICI Pockets is protected by a 4-digit numerical password created by you during registration which is not the same as your Facebook password. For additional security, every time you make a transaction, a unique One Time Password(OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number. No information will be posted on your Facebook timeline without your permission.

Do not hesitate to download the Pockets app by ICICI and delve into the world of online banking!



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