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All you need to know about CRED app

Have you ever thought that you will be rewarded for paying your credit card bills? Yes. That it is what Cred App does. The Cred App gives you exclusive rewards for paying your credit card bill.

What  is CRED app?

The CRED App is founded by Kunal Shah, the founder of Freecharge. Freecharge was later sold to SnapDeal at $400 million. This Bengaluru-based app  with a team of around 60 people has already raised millions.

Till date, it is the only app that lets you to earn reward points for paying your credit card bills. Although Paytm also gives reward points for paying your bills, it is not available for all the credit cards.

It is a members-only app. It means that not everyone can become a member of this app.

How to get started with CRED app

Do you do a lot of transactions through credit cards and have many credit cards, then having this app will help you immensely.

Here are the steps:

  • Install the CRED app
  • Verify your number by putting in the one time password
  • Apply for CRED membership. If your credit score is more than 750, you can easily become a member.
  • All your credit cards will appear as CRED has done integration with credit bureau Experian.
  • Verify your cards to add it to the app by  putting in the hidden numbers of the card.
  • It verifies your card and you can now pay your bills to get reward points.

Your request to be member can also be rejected; here are the steps that you can take:

  • Try changing the contact details if there are many mobile numbers linked to the different cards.
  • Contact their customer support if they have rejected for no reason.
  • If your credit score is low i.e. below 750, wait for some time and try again.

Benefits of the CRED App:

Pay and track all your credit card payments:

The CRED App helps you to track the payments of the different credit cards and the due dates. You can pay all the credit card bills from the app. You can use debit card, internet banking or UPI apps. The process is entirely seamless.

Get cashback for paying your bills through CRED app:

The app is generous in giving cashbacks. You can earn cashback for every transaction. After you make a payment of more than Rs.1000, you will see the option #killthebill. You can win cashbacks from Rs.10 to Rs.1000. The process is similar to Google Pay where you get scratch cards. Your cashback is revealed after you scratch the card.  

Earn CRED coins

Each credit card payment helps you to earn CRED coins. These coins can be used to buy rewards for online and offline shopping.   

Get Free Credit Card score:

The app allows you to see your CIBIL score and credit history for no extra charge. You can see your payment history, credit history, and credit card utilisation.

How to redeem your CRED coins

Once you have CRED coins, you have two options going forward:

1.Burning your CRED coins

You have the option to burn your CRED coins that you have gained by making transactions of more than Rs.1,000 or paying your bills. You can burn your points to win Rs 1,000, Rs. 5,000 or Rs. 10,000. However, it is not fixed and your cashbacks may vary from time to time.  

2. Get rewards:

You also have many options to use your coins to pick rewards from various companies. Some of the companies are Swiggy, Yatra, Freshmenu,, Uber Eats etc. The list only keeps increasing day by day.

To summarise, the CRED App has beautiful interface and it a common platform for all your credit cards. You can get rewards and cashbacks for paying credit card bills. If you love cashbacks and use a lot of credit cards, you might love CRED App.



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