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Advantages of DBT.

Direct benefit transfer comes with many benefits for both the Government of India and the beneficiaries. The following are the advantages of DBT:

  • DBT will avoid time delays in transferring of benefits to the beneficiaries.
  • Middlemen will be eliminated to reduce the leakage of funds
  • DBT will ensure transparency in the distributions of benefits.
  • Fake and duplicate beneficiaries will be eliminated through biometric identification (Aadhaar).
  • Since intermediaries are removed, this will help the government reduce the structural cost in the end.
  • It will encourage people to have a bank account for receiving benefits smoothly.
  • DBT offers benefits on 437 government schemes across 55 ministries.
  • DBT has helped plugged leakage in benefit transfers and has saved Rs. 1, 09,983 Crore+
  • DBT has made every information available to their beneficiaries through their online portal. The portal is easy to use and understand.

Lets elaborate the last two points!

Which schemes are the top savers for DBT?

DBT helps the government avoid leakages in transferring the benefits to the citizens by removing the intermediaries and duplicate/fake beneficiaries. It directly transfers the benefits to the beneficiary’s bank account.

This plugging of the leak in funds has helped the government save the public funds they would have lost before the introduction of DBT.

In 2018-19 alone the government helped transfer Rs. 2, 32,384 Crore worth of benefits and the cumulative DBT amount is Rs. 6, 06,181 Crore. DBT has helped plugged leakage in benefit transfers and has saved Rs. 1, 09,983 Crore+

The top three government schemes to contribute to the savings of 2018-19 are as follows:

  1. PAHAL: LPG Subsidy/Gas subsidy

With estimated savings of Rs. 56,391 Crore DBTL eliminated 4.09 Crore duplicate, fake/non-existent, inactive LPG connections. There are 1.94 Crore Non subsidized LPG consumers including 1.04 Crore “Give it Up” consumers.

  1. Public Distribution System

With estimated savings of Rs. 30,303 Crore, it contributed to deletion of 2.82 crore duplicate and fake/nonexistent Ration Cards.


Ministry has estimated 10 % savings on wages because of deletion of duplicate, non-existent, ineligible beneficiaries. It contributed to an estimated savings of Rs. 19,765 Crore.

How is the Web portal of DBT,

The online portal,, proves to be a one-stop solution for clearing all your queries regarding Direct benefit transfer (DBT). The web platform enables administrators to access information on all government schemes and beneficiaries to access details about the subsidies available to them.

Government User Experience:

  • Location wise reports available
  • Scheme-wise reports available
  • All DBT enabled schemes information available
  • Authenticated User Access
  • Real-time scheme data till the beneficiary level
  • State homepage and schemes related to states

Beneficiary User Experience:

  • Authenticated User Access
    • Aadhaar- OTP Board Access
    • Only Family Information visible
    • Read-only rights
  • Key Information and Contacts
    • Service Feedback
    • Information on processes
    • Service Delivery Touchpoints
  • Scheme-wise Benefits
    • Current benefits Dashboard
    • Scheme Delivery and Process Status
  • Eligibility and Entitlements
    • View eligibility of schemes
    • View entitlements based on household

Following is the list of leading banks that offer a DBT account to its customers:

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