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4 Ways To Check Your PF Balance

Every month an employer transfers a small amount of fund into his PF account like savings for the future. Check your PF balance with these four ways.

Every month, a small amount gets deducted from your salary. This is deducted amount gets added in your Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) account. EPF is a way in which employers deposit small amount from your salary in PF account so that you get huge account which can be used for your retirement plans. But many employers completely have no idea how to check their PF balance.

Four different ways to check your PF balance


 UMANG which stands for Unified Mobile Application for New age Governance was launched by the Government of India. UMANG is an application that can be downloaded on your mobile phone where you have access and get updates on all government services. Their services are offered by the Central and State government department, local bodies and other utility services from a private organization. On your UMANG account, you can view EPF Passbook, raise a claim, and even track your claim.

To avail these services, you need to have UMANG Account. You need to register with OTP that you will receive on your phone when you register.


EPFO which stands for Employment Provident Fund Organisation is one of the World’s largest Social Security Organisation. Launched on 15th November 1951, EPFO Application can be downloaded on your mobile phones which will help you to view your PF balance. Once you register with EPFO account you will be provided with UAN. Every time you log in you have to log in using this UAN and registered number.  


SMS are one of the very convenient methods to check your PF balance as it does not need the internet or any wi-fi connection. This facility is available for those who have active UAN number registered with EPFO. All you need to do SMS on 7738299899. When you send a SMS you need to text EPFOHO UAN along with this you have mentioned the initials of language you prefer. For example, if you want your details in English your text must be EPFOHO UAN ENG. You can read your PF balance details in 10 different languages.

Missed Call

You can check your PF balance through missed call as well. You can view your PF balance by giving a missed call on 011-22901406 from your registered number. You will receive the details. Also make sure that your UAN account is seeded with your Aadhar card number, bank account, and mobile number.

How to withdraw PF balance?

You can withdraw your PF money anytime offline as well as online. If you want to withdraw money online then you must be UAN portal member with an active UAN. You can download UAN Member Portal from your Google Play store. You can withdraw full amount or partial amount from your PF balance. If your PAN is seeded with your UAN, and you are withdrawing funds just before  5 years of service, TDS will be deducted at the rate of 10%. If your PAN is not seeded with your EPF account then the tax deducted will be at the rate of 34.6 %.

Now you can check your PF Balance easily by above-mentioned ways from anywhere.


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