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3 ways to link your PAN Card with your Bank Account

Link your PAN card with your bank account through online banking, phone banking or by visiting a bank account.   

In February, tax authorities mentioned that tax refunds will only be sent to bank accounts. This move did away with the tax refund sent through cheques. Following this development, linking of the PAN card with the  bank account was made mandatory.

Hence, you need to check whether your PAN is linked to your bank and if not, then you should link it. In this age, when everything from opening your zero balance account to buying mutual funds can be done online, linking of the PAN card to your bank account can be done online. Also offline and through phone are also available.

Link your PAN card with Bank Account through internet banking

Here’s what you need to do link it through internet banking:

Log in to you internet banking with your username and password.  

Customers of different banks may have to take different steps. Let us take the instance of two banks ICICI Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Link your ICICI Bank account with your PAN card

In case, you are an ICICI Bank customer, click on the ‘Service Requests’ option from the ‘customer service’ option available on the top right corner.

The customer service section is further segregated to cheque book, ATM and credit card sections etc. In this case, opt for account ‘details modification part’.

Click on the  ‘view/update PAN Card’ section.

If your PAN Card is linked, you will see the boxes prefilled. If not, then you have to add your details and click on the submit button.   

Link your Kotak Mahindra Bank account with your PAN Card

For Kotak Mahindra Customers, click on the support button on the top right hand corner.

Click service requests.

After that you will find various sections on the left hand side of the page. Go to ‘Profile’ and later click ‘Pan Update’.

You will get the notification that PAN is updated if your PAN card is linked. If not, go ahead and fill in the details. Submit the details.

Your PAN should be linked with your bank account within a few days.

Link your PAN Card with bank account through your phone

You may not have high network speed at your place. You can call the customer care number of your bank to link the pan card with your phone. You will get the customer care number on all the bank’s document including your bank’s passbook, cheque book etc. But before calling keep your account number, debit card number and your PAN Card handy as the customer care executive will have to verify your credentials. Connect to the customer care executive and inform the person that you want to link your PAN card with your bank account. Answer all the questions. Share your PAN Number and confirm whether the number noted by the customer care executive is correct.

Prior to this, it will take two more days to process the request and your PAN will be linked to your bank account.  

Linking PAN Card with Bank Account by visiting a bank branch

While internet banking and phone banking has grown in leaps and bounds, there are many people who still prefer to visit the bank branch for their requirements. In this case, you need to follow these steps:

Visit your home branch i.e. the branch where you opened the bank account.

Ask for the PAN updation form (KYC) and carefully fill the form completely. It will be better if you do not overwrite or make mistakes in the form.  

Along with the PAN updation form (KYC), submit your self –attested copy of your PAN card and a letter to the branch manager stating your requirement of linking your PAN with your savings bank account.

Wasn’t it easy to link your PAN card to your bank account? So link it today!


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