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3 simple ways to earn Extra Money as a Student

This article is for you if you want to know the avenues you can explore in order to earn some extra cash while you are still a college student.

Being a student can be expensive. With managing your accommodation, tuition and college supplies – in addition to having a healthy social life- the pocket money you get might not be sufficient.

Also, you may think that without even an undergraduate degree, earning money won’t be possible. However, it is not true. We will show you how:

Do a Part-Time Job

A lot of companies need part-time workers to fill their manpower gap. Being employed on a contractual basis and freelancing is becoming more and more popular by the day. After your college hours, finding a part-time job to do, would help to effectively utilize your time, as well as serve as valuable work experience which will help you while getting a permanent job. It all depends on your interests. If you are interested in photography and one of your relatives have a photography business, you can ask him or her whether you can join them. Besides the extra money, you will also receive hands-on training on the skill that you want to develop.

Internships are another popular source of securing part-time work. Internships can range from barely 2 weeks to even 6 months. A lot of internships offer stipends on a monthly basis.

Become a Content Writer

Content writing is another extremely popular method of earning money. Marketing agencies, pop culture websites and news-based sites are always in search for new writers who have a strong and fresh voice. A decent sum is paid to content writers, which is usually word-based or article based.

Many companies give you the option to work from home. Hence, you can easily work on weekends or after college.

Sell Things You Don’t Need

Thanks to sales and discounts, we tend up buying things that we don’t need. Wardrobes are overflowing with clothes that we hardly wear.

Selling these things to people who do actually need them can be beneficial to both parties. That guitar, you bought but never ended up playing, that lamp which serves no purpose at all, or a couch you no more need, all be sold on sites like EBay or OLX in return for a decent compensation. There are also many websites through which you can sell your clothes.

These were some of the easy ways to earn a couple of extra grand per month. In this process, you will also get to develop new skills, enhance your soft skills and learn new things. You will also be able to understand the value of money.   

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