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11 Things You Can Do with your Mobile Banking App

With the coronavirus or COVID-19, the world has almost come to a standstill. While it is advisable not to visit a bank branch in these situations, you can carry out most of the banking transactions through your mobile banking app.

Mobile banking apps are rich in features and can carry out various tasks.

Here are 11 things that you can do with your mobile banking app:

1.View your account balance

You may want to know your account balance before carrying out a big transaction. Check your account balance easily through a bank app. You can see your account balance in the app homepage after logging in with your credentials.

2.Transfer Money Easily

Transfer funds to your family and friends easily through your phone banking app. You can use different payment mechanisms such as NEFT, IMPS and RTGS and UPI.

3.Pay your bills

With a mobile banking app, you don’t have to stand in the queue to pay your bills. You can pay your different utility bills such as electricity bill, gas, phone bill easily every month. Once you add your customer number, you will get a notification whenever a new bill is raised. It will also help you to pay all our bills on time without attracting any late fees. You can opt for the autopay option.

4.Check your account activity

Gone are the days when bank customers had to get their passbook updated regularly to check their account activity. Today, you can check your account activity through your bank app.

5.Save and Invest

Whether you can want to open a recurring account (RD), fixed deposit (FD) or invest in mutual funds or an IPO, you can do so through your banking app. You can check the current interest rate prevailing on a specific tenure and take the decision accordingly. The RD calculator and FD calculator will help you to figure out how much you can accumulate at the end of the tenure.

6.Apply for credit card

Depending on your income and credit score, you can apply for a credit card directly from the mobile banking app. You can find a list of credit cards that you can apply in the credit card section of your mobile banking app.

7.Request for other banking products

You can request for different banking products such as cheque books, physical debit card etc. through your banking app.

8.Change your PIN

Forgot your PIN? Don’t worry. You can set a new PIN through the mobile banking app.

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9.Shop and get offers:

Different banks offer their customers to buy or avail services of different online shopping portals at a discount. Kotak bank customers can shop, book flights and hotel rooms and book train tickets through their mobile banking app.

10.Multiple security options for debit card

If you have misplaced your debit card or your debit card was stolen, you can block your debit card. Later, you can opt to get your card replaced.

As per the latest regulatory requirements, you can temporarily switch your debit card on and off through an online banking app.

11.Locate your bank’s nearest ATM and branch

While digital transactions are widely accepted, you may need some cash to settle some transactions. You can locate the nearest ATM or branch with the help of a mobile banking application. You may have to enable the GPS of your phone to locate the nearest ATM and branch.


If you have never used your bank’s app, it is time to download the app and start using it. The above mentioned are some of the common features available in mobile banking apps. The features of the banking apps will differ from one bank to another. A few clicks will help you to figure out the different features of your mobile banking app.

Trusted and secured mobile banking app, like Kotak 811 Mobile Banking app gives the flexibility to instantly meet all your banking needs without stepping out of your house.

Stay safe!


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