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Enrollment Center Locator

      Aadhar Card Centres are centres that help individuals to enrol for Aadhaar. They are also Aadhar update centre as individuals can update their existing Aadhar card details as well. They have the responsibility of collecting the demographic and biometric data according to the process. Some of the Aadhar card centres are permanent while others are temporary.

      In this case of globalisation, many people are shifting from one place to another. With the movement of people from one city to another, it has become important to update the Aadhar address.  

      Without an updated address, you may lose out from taking various services such as opening a bank account etc.

      You can also update your details online. However, to do that your phone number should be registered with your Aadhar. In case it isn’t, you can easily change it through the various enrollment centres spread across the country. Many banks and post offices have opened Aadhar enrollment centres. A nominal fee is required to update the process.

      Updating the address is simple and you can do it at your nearest Aadhar centre. We have made it easier for you to locate an Aadhar enrollment centre by putting your PIN code and through your location.

      You have to provide your location access to check the nearby Aadhar card centres. If you don’t want to give access or want to check the Aadhar enrollment centres at other locations, you add the PIN code of the location.

      This will show you the Aadhar enrolment centres near you and you can easily update your Aadhar card details at the nearest Aadhar card center.

      Don’t forget to bring your original copies of supporting documents for updating your Aadhaar. These original copies will be scanned in the centre and will be handed back to you after the enrollment.

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