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 Who are we?

We are, one of the growing banking aggregator sites. Our objective is to make banking and personal finance extremely easy and convenient for our customers.

What do we do? helps customers to compare different types of financial products such as savings account, zero balance savings account, fixed deposits, credit cards, NRI accounts.  Our mission is to increase financial literacy and help customers select the right financial products for themselves.

Customers can look at the different features of the financial products and select the right option for them.  We provide unbiased information on various aspects of personal finance and for the different life stages.

In short, ensures that you have the right financial knowledge. You can also open a bank account digitally without any paperwork.

Now, open a bank account or get a credit card like you buy everything else now - online.

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In case you have any query or need any assistance in opening a bank account or anything else, please email us at We would be delighted to help you.

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